Listen to this weekend’s meteor shower

This is just a short post, because I haven’t got much time on my hands right now.

As you might have already heared, our planetary spaceship – namely, the Earth – annually crosses the debris which the comet Swift-Tuttle left behind in space. This results in the annual Perseids, a prolific meteor shower which seems to come from the constellation Perseus (hence their name).

The meteor shower will peak around August 11-13. So be prepared to go outside and glance at stuff burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere!

The 2010 Perseids over the ESO’s VLT.

But what to do when it’s cloudy and you can’t see anything? Well, if so, you could actually try to listen and hear the meteors on your radio! If you hear sound like this, you probably detected a meteor.

Click here to see further informations about how to listen to meteor showers yourself and a little bit of science behind this phenomenon. If you don’t want to built up your own “radio observatory”, you can simply tune in to “Spaceweather Radio” and listen to a live stream of meteor echoes.

Have some beautiful Perseids nights!


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