Veritasium’s Bullet Block Quiz

Derek Muller from Veritasium encourages us to activate our gray matter and answer a little quiz.

The first video:

Derek introduces the experiment: A bullet is fired from below in a wooden block which is thus tossed to a certain altitude. But then, the rifle is displaced such that it isn’t aligned centrally anymore. Now the block additionally spins when flying.
Here’s the question: How high will it fly when the bullet strikes the block near the edge, compared to the height it would fly when hit centrally?

The second video:

You have to choose a possible answer to be forwarded to this “secret” video (leave the annotations turned on). In this video, Derek tells you which answer is right. (I have to admit that I was quite surprised. I would have guessed like Henry from MinutePhysics or Destin from Smarter Every Day.)
Although, at that point, the viewer knows what happens, he doesn’t know why it happens. We will hear about the physics behind the experiment in…

…the third video

I’m curious! 🙂


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  1. Oh, here’s a video response of Earth Unplugged. (I think that the correct answer looks different than explained in this video, but it’s worth watching nevertheless.)

  2. Here is the video in which Derek explains the physics behind the bullet block experiment. It’s a fascinating piece of mechanics! (And by the way, the video’s concept and editing is a real treat! 😀 )

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