avatar_newspaperMy name is Sebastian Templ.
I’m a physics student at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria.

I am profoundly convinced that everyone is able to understand a great deal of physics and science and can be fascinated by the surprising phenomena the world before our very eyes holds for us, even without knowing all the underlying mathematics. Physicists like to use fancy and technical terms when talking about the subject – so do I – but in this blog, I give my best to break it down into simple language. In doing so, I hope that I can serve you some pieces of physics, which I like to think of as being clear to me, in ‘delicious and manageable bites’.

So this is my blog about physics and other things which happen in our visible bubble of the universe.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections!

(I also write a blog in German. Similar contents, different language.)

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